Bowie knife for sale – original fixed blade & top quality handle

A knife designed with high-grade and highly advanced materials that can withstand frequent use and all types of wear and tear. Featuring a rugged handle for a firm grip and a large, perfectly sharp Bowie knife, this knife has a lot to offer. There are a number of tools and extra accessories included with this highly durable, versatile Bowie knife. With elegant handles and guards, today’s Bowie’s look more elegant. They come in stainless steel and Damascus steel.

Bowie knives come in a number of different designs, sizes, patterns, and even colors, but there is only one type of this renowned knife. Each Bowie knife shares a few basic characteristics. The Damascus knife has a fixed blade that fits into protective sheaths, a cross guard for finger or hand protection, and clip-point blade shapes. The cutting edge of this material remains sharp for a long period of time. A newer knife may be made with stainless steel, which is lighter but less traditional.

Wide Selection of Bowie Knives

Take a look at our selection of collectible Damascus bowie knives. You’ll find an array of functional and ornamental Bowie style knives from your favorite brands including Rambo, military, and limited edition collections from Gil Hibben. Additionally, you can choose from our traditional bowie knives, designed for battle in any situation. Whenever you hold one of our handmade knives, you will feel the power and strength that comes with its hefty handle.


  • How is a Bowie Knife Made?
  • Providing an extensive variety of products and exquisite designs, we not only offer our customers products, but also the experience backing them up. You need not look any further than best bowie Knives if you seek a bowie knife with a full tang. You will find everything you are looking for in our range of Bowie Knives for sale in the UK.
  • How to Find the Best Bowie Knife?
  • When choosing a Bowie, there are a few factors to consider; most are personal preferences. These are the most important:
  • Size:
  • In addition to the longer cutting edge, a bigger knife tends to become heavier and more difficult to handle as it becomes bigger. A Bowie has a blade that can be as long as 18 inches and is a fearsomely powerful tool, but it can be challenging to use properly. Material.
  • Handles for traditional Bowies are made of stainless steel or Damascus steel. When they’re finished properly, they’re good materials, but they’re not as durable as some modern synthetics. Blades with an edge that holds up under heavy use should be made of tough, resilient steel.
  • Blade style.
  • When it comes to a Bowie blade, there is a lot of room for interpretation. There must be a clip point with a false edge, but the length of the clip can vary. It can be over half the blade’s length; it can also be an inch or less. The false edge can extend the entire length of the clip or only part of it.
  • Does the original Bowie knife exist?
  • Bowie knives were similar to butcher knives in profile, with thin blades but no silver mounts. Bowie wore it as a belt sheathed in black leather with silver mounts. As a result of September 19, 1827, near Natchez, the Sandbar Fight garnered widespread fame for the Bowie knife.
  • What type of bowie knives can you choose from?
  • There are so many styles and materials of handles and steel available on our wide range of bowie knives. From the traditional to the modern, from the display-worthy to the battle-ready.

For What Purposes do Bowie Knives Use?

Bowie knives can be intimidating and large. Bowie knives are known for their strength and power regardless of what you use them for. Bowie knives come in blade lengths of 9 inches and 10 inches. In addition to being used for fighting, survival, and hunting, bowie knives are also for general use.

🔪 Bowie Knives used for Hunting

Hunters have always enjoyed the high cutting power of the Best Damascus Bowie Knife, allowing them to skin and clean big game with ease. The ergonomic handle makes it easier for handlers to reach awkward areas.

  🔪 Defense/Combat

Your attacker will be confused as to why he chose to harm you if you do this. Find out how! Getting stabbed by a 12″ blade is a frightening experience. No one! Before handling any weapon, you should always undergo proper training. A bowie knife is the best weapon to protect yourself with.

 🔪 Bowie Knife Used For Survival

The Original Bowie Knife is extremely versatile and can be used in a wide variety of ways. Shelter and food are both essential in a survival situation. Bowie knives make extremely effective hunting tools, and can also be used to skin and clean your kills afterward. Bowie knives often have a saw or heavy serrations on the blade, making them multipurpose.

  🔪 Wood Chopping

Bowie knives are great for chopping while camping and hunting. However, as you probably already know, these knives are not designed to chop down a whole tree. They are better at cutting weeds than wood!

Is a Damascus knife the best option?

We provide handmade bowie knives that are compliant with UK knife laws here at Damascus knives. Bowie knives are defined by their blades, which provide substantial force during a slashing attack. For those who prefer their small bowie knives to be designed to their specifications, our custom bowie knife design service is perfect for you. We offer an extensive collection of antique bowie knives, so you can choose one of the best pieces, or we can customize one to your specifications based on our years of experience and proven craftsmanship.