7-inch Cleaver Chef’s Knife

  • Durable Sharpness
  • Anti-Rust
  • Wear Resistant
  • Sycamore Wood Handle


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7-inch Cleaver Chef’s Knife

Cleaver knife is made of high-quality steel with a handle that fits comfortably in your hand. It is durable, lightweight, and perfect for cutting meat, fish, and more. The blade has been sharpened to a fine edge which makes it easy to use.

Cleaver knife is handmade from durable carbon steel for a kitchen knife that can handle even the toughest meat. The kitchen knife’s long, sharp blade makes it easy to cut through large pieces of meat quickly and efficiently. The cleaver knife’s unique design also makes it perfect for cutting vegetables and other food items

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Blade Material Stainless Steel
Color Black/Stainless Steel
Handle Material Stainless Steel
Blade Edge Cleaver


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