Custom Damascus chef knife set with Leather roll

  • Durable Sharpness
  • Anti-Rust
  • Wear Resistant
  • Sycamore Wood Handle


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Custom Damascus chef knife set with Leather roll

This knife has a unique look that makes it stand out among other knives. It’s also an ideal gift for your loved ones. If you want to buy something special, this pocket knife is available at Damascus Rare Knives. The Damascus steel blade Folding Knives Ram Horn Handle is a great way to add style and utility to your everyday carry.

This folding knife has a blade made from high-quality stainless steel. The handle of this knife is crafted with Ram horn material that gives it an elegant look, while still being very strong and durable. The handle also features two finger grooves for increased control when using the knife, which makes it perfect for any application whether you are using it at work or just at home around the house.

Knife Care Tips:

  • Care Damascus steel properly to prevent rust.
  • Here are some tips on preventing rust on knives.
  • Don’t store knives in leather sheaths for long periods of time.
  • When washing knives, use warm, soapy water.
  • Avoid soaking knives in water.
  • Always wash and dry knives immediately.
  • Prevent rust on the blade by oiling or waxing it, and wrap it in a soft cloth.
  • After putting the blade in the leather sheath, wipe off any excess oil or wax.
  • The knife should be stored with its leather sheath, not within it, for long-term storage.
  • You should never use oils that contain silicone, as they can cause rust.
  • The blade should then be oiled or waxed.
  • Usually, wood handles benefit from a light coating of furniture wax and a good hand rubbing.


Blade Material Damascus Steel
Metal Type Stainless steel
Feature Eco-Friendly
Reversible design

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